The Beginning

Screw Skinny-Dipping, It’s all about Skinny Diving!

So, it begins. I am now attempting to be a part of the fast paced, ever-developing online world of expression.

As a writer, I like to keep things personal. So taking this leap to open expression is a massive step for me… exposing myself naked to the world to view me in my deepest, rawest form.

IronicInspirations Skinny Diving

Let’s Go Skinny Diving

I feel like I’ve chosen to go skinny dipping, taking my first dive into the Ocean, from great heights (so skinny-diving you may wish to call it!) Yet as a personal obstacle, I am ready to overcome it. I do like a good challenge!

IronicInspirations – this isn’t just a creative writing blog. It’s a means of creative expression containing all forms of art. The inspirations spur from every corner the wandering eye can see; a Coca-Cola can, a social group’s dynamics, the pavement, skyline or passing buses.

Inspirations, mine and the World’s, can derive from some of the most unexpected places and times.

I am not trying to promote myself as the next up and coming writer. I am in no illusion – I have many flaws!  I blabble. I am not always relevant. I can sometimes throw up onto the page, without realising what I have even written.

But all my creations are representative of the times in which I wrote them and the expressive journey I have always wanted to embark on.

IronicInspirations Exploding onto the page

Exploding Inspirations

I love learning, reading and exploring the lives and understanding the way other people work. Not in a psychotic psychological way, but in an exploration into the internal vs external battles that humanity has with the world.

My chosen weapon of expression is poetry, but I love to try my hand at anything, reviews, articles, short stories, photography. I love experimenting.

There is so much to the World that is often lost at the glances we take at it.

Not all of my work is researched or derived from a long interest.

Some of my best writing exists through a spur-of-the-moment urge to explode onto the paper. The paper within my many notebooks where these thoughts lay, be them fact, fiction or an intertwining version of reality.

I wish you luck in decoding my life and hope you enjoy the thoughts and creations that await.

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