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The Bubbles Had Dissolved Anyway… Source:

I took the plug out.

The bubbles had dissolved anyway.

My body had wrinkled,

Absorbed too much.

Only murky water remained.

I lay motionless,

Dead calm,

My soaked mind, sponge sore,

Thick skin defeated,

Crumbling to the bottom of the bath.

Bare bones left.

Purer mind.

Purer body.

Cleaner soul.

Stained eyes weigh leaden

in my skull.

Dreams intertwined with

bubbles, dissolved.

The clock chimed ten.

I took out the plug.

© 2013 Nicola Manning - Ironic Inspirations

Inspirations or Motivations?

Where Do You Find Your Inspiration?

Inspirations or Motivations?

Where do your Inspirations and Motivations take you?

Often writers are asked the stock question, “Where do you find inspirations for your work?”

Although I understand humans are naturally curious, I sometimes have problems with this question.

There are times your inspiration is obvious and other times when your inspiration has simply derived from a heightened internal emotion with a need to escape.

For me, there is no other way to express what really goes through my mind.

Therefore to answer this question truthfully I would have to welcome everyone’s world into my own and, as a writer, I create other world’s to escape my own. This doesn’t work.

Physical or Emotional?

So, when asked, I curve my response to talk about the physical, rather than the emotional, inspirations for my writing.

However, I think it’s the physical inspirations of everyday life, that act as a support for the emotional inspirations, that were evoked from these physical occurrences.

– Confused? Welcome to my world!

Where Do You Find Your Motivation?

What I do think, however, is that many ask about inspirations when they are really asking about motivations. The question. “Where do you find the motivation to write?” has an entirely different meaning.

When inspired, you have an aspiration, caused by a direct, or indirect, influence on your mind or body – you have been ‘touched’ and aspire to move forward/ make changes/ make an impact.

When motivated, your inspirations are put into the driver’s seat and shot into the fast lane and into the unknown. I believe it is the motivations that drive the inspirations. The motivations cause the result.

The motivation is the physical response to the emotional of inspirations.

Use your Motivation to drive your Inspiration | Ironic Inspirations | Nicola Manning

She Will Be Keeping Them Busy up There

My Ironic Inspirations

My Ironic Inspirations are genuine and evoked from a need of expression.

My motivation to finally turn my inspirations into a reality was the loss of a very close rock in my life. She had always encouraged me to write. And I had – in private.

I thought it was about time I started listening to her advice and write publically.

Whatever your motivation is and however it occurs in your life, make the most of it! Use it, don’t ignore it!

© 2013 Nicola Manning - Ironic Inspirations


Nameless by Nicola Manning

I know who I am. I know what I am.

Yet I cannot find my identity.




Floating in                                    Abyss.

I think…


I possessed it at an earlier age

But to where I may have placed it,

I am lost…

In the backward motion of life,

Was that my only opportunity?

As I gaze through the pane glass window

At the life I once led,

Is the torture of striving for what once was,

A punishment … ?

Or a warning … ?

… For what I have become … ?

… Or for who I have become?


I have missed my only hope

Then I am blinded.

I cannot see

Without an Identity.

© 2013 Nicola Manning - Ironic Inspirations