Beyoncé by Tony Duran for Flaunt Magazine July 2013

I think these portraits taken by Flaunt Magazine of the Celebrity and Musical Icon, Beyoncé Knowles, are captured in such a beautiful way.


You can see the African inspiration behind the shoot through each image, taken very elegantly through lighting, make up and styling. The imagery created as a result, I think, is striking.


I particularly like the side black and white image, where Beyoncé is wearing the large tribal-style necklace. The careful use of lighting and colours have elongated and exagerated her neckline.


It is rare that you see Celebrity’s, particularly female, captured in any other way then ‘sexy.’ It is such an artistic shoot and I really admire this.




Flaunt Magazine July 2013 issue :

Editorial: BEYONCÉ,Under the Gilded Banner

Celeb/Model: Beyoncé

Photographer: Tony Duran

Stylists: Ty Hunter , Raquel Smith , Jenke-AhmedTailly

Hair: Kim Kimble at

Makeup: Francesca Tolot for



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